This is my car, a 1984 Nissan Gazelle, also known as an S12 Silvia
Its very heavily modded :-)

Microtech MT8 race computer
CA18DET motor (1.8L Nissan turbo)
Garret T28 ball bearing turbo
Double-size intercooler
Blow-off valve (cheap and nasty brand)
Custom turbo heatshield
Exedy brass-button clutch
Custom ignition system - M&W igniter pumping a VN coilpack
Front brakes from a Skyline
Rear brakes from a TRX Bluebird

The photos below are fairly old, from back before some of the
major mods were done - still give you an idea of the car though

I generally run at 11psi for day-to-day driving, or 15-17psi if I
want to have some fun. She's made 24psi on a test run, but
that's not really safe for regular use on standard internals!

I still haven't given her a dyno run after the last upgrade,
thats something that I'll get around to soon. Once she's been
tuned up properly on the dyno, I'll get the dyno sheet and some times
up as well. I'm guessing about 180rwkw and high 13's when all the
tuning has been done, and probably about 150rwkw and mid-14's atm.